Responsible Mining

Environmental Responsibility

B2Gold’s commitment to environmental stewardship translates to the efficient use of natural resources, minimizing the impact on, and conserving the quality of, the natural environment from our operations and activities.

“In many aspects, we are encouraged to find ways to go beyond compliance. We have identified and embraced opportunities for ESG innovation. It is this creative approach that ignites us.”

Clive Johnson, President & CEO, B2Gold Corp.

2019 Performance Highlights

  • Progressive Rehabilitation and Reclamation Plans at all sites
  • Water Accounting Frameworks at Fekola and Otjikoto
  • GHG Emissions Inventories at all operating mines (Fekola, Otjikoto and Masbate)
  • Comprehensive Field Study for Chimpanzee and Priority Species Conservation at Fekola
  • Over 9,700 corals have been transplanted to restore reefs in the Philippines*
    *as at December 31, 2019


Water is a valuable resource and reliable and sustainable water sources are vital to our operations. Milling and ore processing activities require large amounts of water and mining activities can potentially affect water quality. We are committed to understanding the availability and uses of water within the watersheds where we operate and developing management methods that reduce or mitigate our impacts on water quality and quantity. Responsible water management is fundamental to managing water risks and maintaining the trust of communities.

“Water is a valuable resource - reliable and sustainable water sources are vital to our operations and to local communities.”


Protecting the world’s ecosystems is important to us and to our stakeholders. We are committed to biodiversity conservation and integrated approaches to land use planning at our operations. Through good conservation practices and sound land use we can not only avoid or mitigate negative impacts to biodiversity, but we can create significant opportunities to achieve positive impacts on biodiversity – also for neighbouring communities.

Mine Reclamation

Rehabilitation of our mine facilities and restoring land to an acceptable post-mining state is an integral component of our sustainable development strategy. It is crucial for gaining stakeholder trust and improving our access to land for future projects. Progressive rehabilitation measures are monitored, and all indications are that the management of waste rock storage facilities at the Masbate Mine is successfully mitigating the long-term risks associated with the site’s waste materials.

“B2Gold is taking responsibility to ensure our legacies will bring opportunities for future generations.”

Energy & Climate Change

B2Gold recognizes that society, including business, must take action against climate change and we are implementing a series of changes within the Company as a key aspect of our global Environmental Strategic Plan. The strategy focuses on assessing and reducing our carbon footprint, incorporating climate change risk management into business planning/design, and increasing our external reporting and accountability.

“B2Gold is one of several companies showcased by the World Gold Council as industry leaders already taking advantage of opportunities to reduce emissions through renewable energy solutions.”*
*Gold and climate change – Current and future impacts, World Gold Council research paper (published October 2019)

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