Responsible Mining

Our Economic Contribution

Increasingly, communities, governments and other stakeholders demand businesses play a greater role in driving sustainable development. Our successful business results help us to create value and deliver social and economic development in the countries, regions and communities where we operate.

Our economic performance is also measured by the economic value that we generate for others, including local employment opportunities, payments to governments through taxes and royalties, local procurement, and investment in communities. Understanding how this economic value is distributed influences our business decisions and underpins B2Gold’s economic responsibility.

“Our economic success allows us to distribute significant economic value to employees, communities, governments, suppliers and shareholders.”

2019 Performance Highlights

Economic Value Distributed

  • Record annual gold production – 11th consecutive year
  • Our economic performance is measured by the economic value that we generate for others
    Economic Value Distributed
    Electricity from Renewables increased from 11 to 13 GWh

Sustainable Development Goals
*B2Gold’s SDG’s highlighted in color

  • Sustainable Development Goals

Local Procurement and Supply Chain

“We work with suppliers and contractors based on the principles of long-term partnership, fair competition, and ethical conduct.”

B2Gold is committed to maximizing local and national economic benefits from our contracting and purchasing. In sourcing the goods and services necessary to run our operations, we give preference to local businesses where possible, provided they meet minimum safety, quality, ethical, and cost requirements. Our local procurement and local employment standards enable us to enhance economic opportunities and benefits in each region.

Contributing to Sustainable Development

“Through responsible mining practices and by prioritizing local investments, we can contribute to sustainable development and the creation of sustainable economies in the regions where we work.”

Global nations have unified around the 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). B2Gold shares the belief that the mining industry has the opportunity and potential to positively contribute to all 17 SDGs. We believe that our Company can play an integral role in advancing these goals and we are committed to further aligning our business activities towards this agenda.

Renewable Energy – Economical, Sustainable, and Progressive

“B2Gold has taken industry-leading action to minimize our contribution to global GHG emissions and bring forward the use of renewable energy technologies in mining.”

B2Gold is proud to be an industry leader in the implementation of renewable energy solutions at our operations. In 2018 at Otjikoto, we commissioned a 7 MW solar power plant and converted our existing power plant into one of the first fully-autonomous hybrid (HFO and solar) power plants in the world. In 2019, the Board of Directors approved the installation of a 30 MW solar plant with a 15.4 MWh battery storage component at our Fekola operation; construction of this facility commenced in 2020 and is scheduled to be completed in 2021.

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