Responsible Mining

Our People

Caring for the diverse people who choose to work with us at B2Gold is an honour. We recognize that our accomplishments as a company are possible through the accomplishments of our people. Developing inspiring workplace opportunities and keeping our people from harm are our essential objectives.

2019 Performance Highlights

  • 4,217 Employees, 12% female
  • 95% Local Employment
  • Policy deployed

“We generate opportunities for people to develop their careers, train employees to acquire new skills, and open doors to women, minorities and previously-disadvantaged people. Investing in our people attracts talented individuals and grants them the dignity to provide for themselves and their families.”

Local Employment

B2Gold’s commitment to local employment is a priority and we promote strategies to enhance both local employment and local procurement. Our actions address the demographics and empowerment initiatives of the respective national settings, while embedding our inclusive culture to attract talent from around the world.

We work to build the capacity of local people, employees, businesses and organizations to improve access to economic opportunities and enhance well-being.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

B2Gold values diversity and strives to eliminate employment barriers that interfere with the establishment of equal opportunities. We are committed to equitable treatment of all persons, irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion and sexual orientation, as well as reasonable and safe accommodation of people with disabilities.

We are proud of the richness in diversity of our workforce; our people value working in a multi-cultural setting and the work experiences it provides. In 2019, we developed our Diversity and Inclusion Policy, a key step in our long-term gender diversity strategy.

“We recognize that it takes a long-term commitment in order to reach our objectives for improved gender diversity.”

Ninette Kröhnert, Director Human Resources

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