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Achievements & Recognition

B2Gold is proud of how our employees lead our mine development projects and operations around the world, ensuring that we meet the highest standards of safety and social and environmental responsibility.

Here are some of the awards and recognition our teams have recently received:

 Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC): 2021 Sustainability Award
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The PDAC Sustainability Award honours companies that demonstrate outstanding initiative, leadership and accomplishment in establishing good community relations during a mine operation. B2Gold was recognized for its “exemplary resettlement and community development work with the village of Fadougou at the Fekola Mine in Mali.” When B2Gold acquired the Fekola Project in 2014, the village of Fadougou was located near the perimeter of the proposed open pit. Although relocating the residents was not a condition of the mine permit, B2Gold saw this as an opportunity to work with the community, build a new village and invest in the long-term social and economic development of the villagers. This effort led to improved living conditions in Fadougou by providing services, education and training, building new infrastructure and diversifying the economy. Over 400 members of the community were employed during construction, and traditionally marginalized women were given an important role in the planning and execution of the resettlement.

 Mining Journal: 2020 Most Sustainable Miner
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According to the Mining Journal, a number of prominent mining companies were selected by readers as nominees for this category, and selected B2Gold as its award recipient for being “emblematic of the change occurring in the industry, worldwide.” Highlights featured by Mining Journal in their award selection include the Company’s industry-leading safety record, 95% local employment, gender diversity initiatives to increase the percentage of females in its total workforce and senior positions, its Rhino Gold Bar philanthropic conservation program in Namibia and implementation of solar power-based renewable energy solutions at the Otjikoto Mine in Namibia and Fekola Mine in Mali.

 Philanthropy Association, Mali: Company with Best Social Welfare programming
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B2Gold was awarded as the company in Mali with the best social welfare programming by the Philanthropy Association in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of Social Actions. The Night of Philanthropy rewards companies or individuals who have exceled in social development. Within less than three years of production,  B2Gold has invested around $3.7 million in community development projects in Mali, focusing on education, health and livelihood development. 

 2020 “Gran Minera” for Social Award (Colombia, Gramalote Project)
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Awarded by the Government of Antioquia province in Colombia, where the Gramalote project is located, the “Gran Minera” award honours companies that distinguish themselves in preventing, mitigating and addressing the social impacts generated by mining projects, as well as increasing opportunities and benefits for the communities involved. Over the past year and specifically in the fourth quarter of 2020, key social initiatives, including resettlement work and artisanal miner formalization/relocation, continued to advance at the Gramalote Project. 

 Best Mining Company of 2020 in Mali (Mali, Fekola Mine)

B2Gold was recognized by Le Baromètre, a citizen watch organization in Mali that monitors the performance of public and private sector organizations and individuals. 

Past Awards:

 2019 Gawad Kaligtasan at Kalusugan (GKK)

Awarded by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in the Philippines in recognition of B2Gold’s outstanding achievements in terms of responding to the safety and health needs of workers , workplace and community.

 2017 Saringaya Award

Awarded by the Philippine’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources for the Masbate operations’ contribution to environmental protection, conservation and management of the regions surrounding the Masbate Mine 

 2014 Sam Nujoma Innovative Enterprise Development Awards (Namibia, Otjikoto Mine)

“Enterprise of the Year” and “Environment Awareness” awards

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