The Namibian Rhino Gold Bar

1000 ounces of gold makes an enormous difference

Creative Conservation and Philanthropy for the Future of Our Planet

How to Purchase the Namibian Rhino Gold Bar

To celebrate the launch of the Namibian Rhino Gold Bar campaign in North America, 400 one-ounce gold bars will go on sale on Kitco Metals Inc.’s (“Kitco”) retail website on July 31.

Kitco has generously agreed to process the sales transactions of the gold bars (on behalf of B2Gold) at cost to further benefit black rhino conservation efforts in Namibia and local communities whose livelihoods are depend on the survival of the species.

Proceeds from the sale of the gold bars are managed by the Rhino Gold Bar Advisory Committee (“the Committee”) which includes representatives from Save the Rhino Trust Namibia (“SRT”), Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation, Rhino Rangers, the Namibia Chamber of Environment, and the Namibia Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism. A portion of the proceeds will provide long-term sustainable financing for black rhino conservation, while significant funding will be applied immediately to conservation actions in the field, including supporting ranger patrols and intelligence activities, and supporting rural communities for whom the protection of rhinos is their birthright.

If you would like to receive updates on how the Rhino Gold Bar Fund is making a difference, or if you would like to receive information with regards an upcoming Rhino Gold Bar or Medallion series, please email

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The Rhino Gold Bar

The Namibian Rhino Gold Bar

The gold bars feature symbols of hope for the future of the black rhinos with a striking image of a rhino mother and calf on the back, and an iconic image of Namibia, the Namib Desert, on the front.

Number of Gold Bars Minted
10 1/2 Kilo Bars Sold Out
690 1 oz Bars Sold Out
300 1/2 oz Bars Sold Out

The ten 1/2 kg Rhino Gold Bars represent the ten years that rhinos in the wild have left, if poaching continues at its current rate.

Rhino Gold Bar Pricing
$1,703.90 +15%*

Gold Spot Price / OZ


*The cost of the B2Gold Rhino Gold Bars is pegged to the spot price of gold on the date of sale, plus a 15% conservation premium.

The 15% premium is a way to extend the positive impact of each gold bar sold in support of rangers, trackers and black rhino conservation. It will be used to fund the future production of more gold bars, or gold medallions, the second limited edition of which will be distinctly different from the first mintage, ensuring that this initiative remains self-sustaining.

The Rhino Gold Bar: Back
The Rhino Gold Bar: Front

Special Features

The First of its Kind
These limited edition gold bars mark the first time that gold has been minted and used for the sustainable protection of a critically endangered species.
Rare, Limited Mintage
Only 1,000 gold bars available (see above for quantity available for North America).
Unique Design
The gold bars feature symbols of hope for the future of the black rhinos in Namibia with a striking image of a rhino mother and calf on the back, and an iconic image of Namibia, the Namib Desert, on the front.
Includes certificate of thanks from Save The Rhino Trust Namibia
our support for community-driven efforts to protect the black rhinos will be acknowledged in a letter signed by SRT’s global ambassador, Namibian-born supermodel, Behati Prinsloo. Purchasers of the gold bars will also receive ongoing information and updates from the Committee as to how their investment is helping to redefine conservation financing and how funds are being used to save the black rhinos from extinction.
Striking Presentation
The gold bars are presented in a box made of sustainably harvested material.
Twenty-Four Carat Gold-Au 999.9
The gold used to produce the bar – Namibian gold – is as much a part of Namibia’s natural heritage as the black rhinos themselves.
Exacting Standards You Can Trust
As the only precious metal refiner in Africa accredited by the London Bullion Market Association, Rand Refinery issues a certificate to authenticate the Chain of Custody of all gold it sources. This certification assures the purchaser that all gold sourced and processed by Rand Refinery is responsibly mined, and produced legally and in an environmentally conscious way from raw material to refined precious metal.

Why Invest in the Namibian Rhino Gold bar?

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