Responsible Mining

Our Approach

B2Gold is committed to responsible mining and demonstrating leadership by going beyond industry standards and continuing to raise the bar on our performance.

Our integrated approach to responsible mining is to work within the social, economic and environmental contexts in a way that delivers positive and sustainable outcomes for our business and for all our stakeholders. Our approach and commitment are reflected across the company starting with our Social Responsibility and Human Rights, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental and Biodiversity policies and our Board’s Health, Safety, Environment, Social and Security Committee Charter.

“When I consider B2Gold’s role in sustainable development, I am pleased that the discourse has shifted from ‘making mining sustainable’ to ‘mining’s role in sustainable development.”

Clive Johnson, President & CEO, B2Gold Corp.

2019 Performance Highlights

Our Economic Contribution

  • Record annual gold production – 11th consecutive year
  • $1.3 Billion Adjusted Annual Revenue
  • $14.8M spent on Community Investment
  • 13% of costs for Employee Wages and Benefits
  • Electricity from Renewables increased from 11 to 13 GWh

Our Environment

  • Progressive Rehabilitation and Reclamation Plans at all sites
  • Water Accounting Frameworks at Fekola and Otjikoto
  • GHG Emissions Inventories at Fekola, Otjikoto and Masbate
  • Field Study for Chimpanzee and Priority Species Conservation at Fekola

Our People

  • 4,217 Employees globally; 12% Female; 20% Female in Senior Positions
  • 95% Local Employment
  • Diversity & Inclusion Policy deployed
  • 4 consecutive years – No Fatalities
  • LTI-free Year for Otjikoto, Masbate, Exploration & CAPEX Projects

Our Communities

  • Voluntary Principles Security & Human Rights Training conducted at Fekola and Masbate
  • Human Rights Assessments completed at Fekola, Otjikoto, and Masbate
  • New Fadougou Residents Resettled in new homes near Fekola
  • Global internal CSR Conference

Responsible Mining Report

Our Responsible Mining Report is our main vehicle for communicating our performance on environment, social and governance (ESG) issues. Reporting allows us to examine ourselves critically, determine how we can be our best, and raise the bar on our performance. Our Report demonstrates how B2Gold manages ESG risk and how we are mining responsibly.

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