Responsible Mining

Our Economic Contribution

As a responsible gold miner, B2Gold aims to create and distribute economic value among our stakeholders. Our successful business results benefit our shareholders along with the many other stakeholders in the countries, regions, and communities where we operate. The economic value that we generate is distributed among our many stakeholders through local hiring and procurement, direct investment in communities, and payments to governments in the form of taxes and royalties.

“In reflecting on 2021 and its continued challenges, from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, to social or political unrest, to the effects of climate change around the globe, I’ve asked myself how we have managed to navigate and adapt while still meeting our targets and goals. It has become clear to me that the answer always comes back to B2Gold’s core values of fairness, respect, transparency and accountability.”

Clive Johnson, President & CEO, B2Gold Corp.

2021 Performance Highlights

  • Record annual gold production – 13th consecutive year
  • $1.76 billion annual revenue
  • $408 million paid to Governments (through taxes and royalties)
  • $153 million paid as Employee Wages and Benefits
  • $9.4 million spent on Community Investment

Supply Chain and Local Procurement

“We work with suppliers and contractors based on the principles of long-term partnership, fair competition, and ethical conduct.”

Dmitri Maliouguine, Supply Chain Manager, B2Gold Corp.

B2Gold is committed to maximizing local and national economic benefits from our contracting and purchasing. We are aware of the high priority that host communities and governments place on local procurement. In sourcing the goods and services necessary to run our operations, we give preference to local businesses where possible, provided they meet minimum safety, quality, ethical, and cost requirements. In 2021, over 65% of goods and services were procured from local and host country businesses. Our Local Content Performance Standard defines the minimum requirements for enhancing local procurement opportunities and benefits.
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Contributing to Sustainable Development

“As a responsible mining company, B2Gold is committed to developing resources in a way that is protective of people and respectful of human rights and cultural heritage, creates socio-economic development, and mitigates environmental and biodiversity impacts.”

Ken Jones, Director of Sustainability, B2Gold Corp.

B2Gold is committed to the transparency of our sustainability risks, management, and performance. We have reported in alignment with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Standards since 2016, and in 2021 we added the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Metals and Mining Standard as a reporting framework to our Responsible Mining Report. While the GRI Standards help companies communicate their sustainability impacts, the SASB Standard was designed to help companies communicate how different sustainability issues impact a company’s long-term value
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*Visit for a complete list and description of SDG Targets. 

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