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B2Gold Canadian CSR Fund

B2Gold invests in sustainable projects in education, environmental conservation, health and livelihoods throughout the world where we operate. As a Canadian company, we are also committed to supporting Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives at home.

“Our culture, based on our core principles of fairness, respect, transparency and accountability, is truly entrenched in our company.”

Clive Johnson, President & CEO, B2Gold


Since 2019, the Canadian CSR Fund has focused its support on registered charities in the Metro Vancouver area* that address social issues related to: health, children, and people at risk.

If you believe that your organization contributes to these social issues and would benefit from B2Gold’s support, please fill in the application form and send to We accept applications at any time, however we only review these three times a year.

*Projects in British Columbia or Canada will be considered if they are highly attractive and exceed in meeting project criteria.

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